This week’s outfit is one’s my faves…just wait until you see what Little Myesha is wearing. It’s like the definition of “I want this in my size.” So many heart eyes.!! I’m super excited about it and I sure hope you are too! When I first started this blog, it was pretty much all baby fashion inspired with mama stuff sprinkled in here and there so I want to get back into that since I know everyone loves cute baby clothes.


Many people dream of visiting the Eiffel Tower so why not using a short Paris for 6 hours to go from the Train station to Eiffel Tower to see the Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower in French) with your own eye ?

ICELAND – Golden Circle

If you are following my Iceland Travel Blog then you could also scroll through my previous blog for Day 1 , Day 2 and Day 3 !!!


BLUE LAGOON is A wonderful geothermal spa and a natural wonder, located in a lava field. The bathing here is simply fabulous and great for your health. You can also make use of various facilities as saunas and steam rooms or relaxation areas. You can even take a guided tour of the lagoon, that will unravel the area’s wonders and history. As this place is also one of the most visited attraction in the whole country, it is essential to book your ticket in advance.

I recommend bringing your own towel and paying for the standard package (€35). You get your own locker and access to the Lagoon, saunas and showers. I definitely made the most of my visit and stayed for about 4 hours.
You’ll also find as much FREE silica mud as you want located in convenient swim up buckets around the Lagoon. I definitely wasn’t expecting that and it was a huge bonus.


My sweet little Rapunzel, 
You’ve been waiting months for today. As you lay here on my lap sleeping, I can’t help but think about how far we’ve come. And while time is flying by, and there are days where I can’t wait for you to have more independence and be more self sufficient, it’s days like today that I wish I could just pause time and really soak in all that you are in this moment. 
You see, just as you are learning, I am too. To put it in your words: This is the first time I’ve been a kid, mama. My baby doll, this is the first time I’ve been a mama, too. We both make mistakes, but we’re in this together, you and I. Figuring it out a moment at a time. No matter what, there are a few things I want you to never forget, even at four years old. 


I always wanted a picture alike to my favorite famous Bloggers posing with their flying bunch of Balloons and Balloonee has made my moment come true !!

Tomorrow we are celebrating Myesha’s Birthday at her school during her Break Period. We will be inflating Balloonee Helium Balloons for giveaway with the Goodie Bags. Kids love when the Balloons fly and it is going to be so much fun.
Balloonee has a wide Range to Offer from Jumbo to Standard to Mega Helium Kits.


There was a sea of white in every direction. With dance music blaring, a DJ pumping up the crowd and prizes being thrown out to the loudest cheerers, it was the wildest 8am party I’d ever been to. 

After the Finish line we had a stage concert and party. The after party is the best part of The Color Run! I had never seen anything like it — thousands of people partying wildly at 11am. Upbeat music, energetic music, neon colors everywhere — it was basically one big sober rave.

ICELAND – Jökulsárlón

The Second day in Iceland we had a Long Loooonggg Day as we started our day early and reached our hotel not before 10 in the night because of the long drive !!


I was starting to doubt the clothes I was carrying in my suitcase to survive that cold temperature I have never experienced in my life honestly ! (P.S. It was their Autumn Season). We had an hour drive ahead of us as we weren’t  staying at the Capital City Reykjavik. We were headed to a small town Hella. The main reason that I choose Hella for our our weeks stay in Iceland was it was a midpoint drive (each an hour away from Hella) to all the tourist destinations we wanted to visit and not to forget to watch the Northern Lights under the dark sky.

I have been hearing that Iceland is a very expensive country, and that’s why I suggest you to bring with you what you’d need, and don’t expect to buy things in Reykjavik without breaking the budget. That’s just not an option. As long as you bring your essentials, you’ll be fine, and you’ll be able to have a great vacation following these items.


I must admit…I mimicked Myeshas outfit from a pin I spotted on Pinterest (speaking of which, are you following?). It was way too good to not recreate. Wish I could find it again to share with you all, but she is long gone in the black hole of pin land now. Have you ever recreated a look from Pinterest? I don’t do it too often, but on the rare occasion I feel the urge. This one was fun.
The end of the year is looming and I’m already looking ahead for my November Baby’s Birthday, specifically in regards to this little space. And while I’m looking ahead…is there anything in particular you’d like to see from us?


A 45 minutes train from Lucerne to Engelberg and then a series of cable car rides will get one to the top of the mount Titlis. 
Engelberg is an enchanting little alpine town. It is highly recommended that you choose to walk all the way to the gondola station. The charming streets lined with quaint little chalets will leave you awestruck. The cable car station itself is located in a marvelous location. There is a river with turquoise currents dancing its way through the foot of the mountains. And a few restaurants around the cable car station. The one that caught our attention was the vada pav shop which was something unexpected (Vada pav is a favorite Indian snack especially of Mumbai). We hopped onto one of the moving empty gondolas carefully not to fall. Note that the cable cars don’t stop for boarding they just slow down. As the cable car started to ascend the panorama of town widened like a green carpet with the red roofs and buildings sprinkled all over. 

Blown Away By Lucerne – Switzerland

Last summer we spent an incredible afternoon in Switzerland with my beautiful family. It was my first time there, and I can honestly say Switzerland is one of THE most beautiful places I’ve ever been. We went to Zurich, Lucerne, Engelberg, Mt. Titlis. You might have already seen my post about Zurich! 🙂